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31 May

Knowing the basics of Aikido

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Knowing the basics of Aikido

Aikido is one of the oldest form of martial arts. Founded by Morihei Ueshiba, aikido came about through the studies of many different kinds of traditional martial arts. In fact, is often perceived as a form of exercise or a dance because of some of its forms. It is also viewed by some quarters as some form of martial mesmerism.

Aikido is even confused with Daito Ryu Aikijutsu, it is different in its essence. Still, its founder attributed his creation of aikido to the way, his master Sokaku Takeda, grandmaster of Daito Ryu, opened his eyes to the nature of Budo.

What is aikido?

Despite its many perceived forms, aikido is a Budo or martial arts. It is the refinement of the techniques that are being taught in traditional martial arts and is combined with a philosophy that calls on for the power of the spirit. In its essence, it is a blending of the body and the mind.

Its philosophy is basically derived from the belief that deceptions and trickery or brute force will not make us defeat our opponents. Instead, concentration that involves the spirit will be enough to strengthen us.

Aikido is also used as a way to discover our true paths so that we can develop our individuality. It also teaches its practitioners to unify their body and their mind so that they will become in harmony with the “universe” and with nature. Their power and their strength will come from this balance and harmony.

The word “universe” in aikido is not some obscure concept that one cannot achieve. It is actually quite concrete and is even within the grasp of the person. In aikido, “universe” can be achieved through actual experiences and everyday life.

Aikido’s movements and techniques are circular. When a circle is created in aikido, the person is said to be protected from a collision from an opposing force. A firm center, however, is needed to create this circle. An example of a firm circle is a spinning top that turns at fast speed. Without a firm center, the speed of movement will only create imbalance. The stillness of the spinning top while in speeding motion is what is called sumikiri in Aikido language. This is achieved only by what Aikido founder calls “total clarity of mind and body.” However, this is not so easily achieved. It takes a long time of study and practice in order to find this intense concentration and centeredness.

Training is important in aikido as well as concentration because while it may be easy to create a centered being when inside a martial arts gym, the same cannot be said of situations and circumstances outside. It will not be easy to keep one’s composure when faced with extraordinary circumstances. This is actually one of the goals of Aikido training. It aims to teach its practitioners to maintain their composure and their centeredness even in panic situations such as danger and calamities.

One method taught in aikido is to breathe with what is called the seika tanden point. This is the part of the body that can be found two inches below the navel. Controlled breathing is one key to being one with the universe and to center oneself with nature. When a person learns to do this, he or she will feel extraordinary calmness that they can use in the practice of aikido.

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31 May

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31 May

Symptoms of a Pet Allergy

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What are the Symptoms of a Pet Allergy?

Do you think that you may have a pet allergy? If you do, you may be curious as to what some of the symptoms of having a pet allergy are. If this is information that you would like to have, you will want to continue reading on.

When it comes to pet allergies, it is sometimes difficult for some individuals to determine if they truly do have a pet allergy. This is because some of the symptoms that many individuals experience can be caused by other allergies or another, completely different medical complication. That is why it is advised that those who think they may have a pet allergy seek medical advice.

Although the symptoms of having a pet allergy can sometimes be related to another allergy or another medical issue, there are many common symptoms. Sneezing is one of those symptoms. If you regularly find yourself sneezing when pets are present, most commonly cats and dogs, you may have a pet allergy.

In addition to sneezing, those who experience a runny nose or those who have nasal congestion may also be suffering from a pet allergy. As with sneezing, it is important to determine if these symptoms are present when you are around pets only. This is because these symptoms are not only present with other allergies, but they can also sometimes be attributed to a cold. Another related symptom to these pet allergies symptom is that of post nasal drip.

Itchy or watery eyes are another common symptom of having a pet allergy. If you experience itchy or watery eyes when you are around a cat, dog, or another pet, you may have a pet allergy. As for why itchy or watery eyes are a symptom, it is because the pet dander, which many sufferers are allergic to, can get into the eyes and cause irritation, especially when rubbed more.

A skin rash that may resemble an eczema outbreak is another sign or symptom of a pet allergy. In fact, eczema is most commonly associated with trigger factors that individuals are allergic to. A rash is likely to develop after you come into close contact with a pet or dog, especially if you held or pet the dog. Should you develop a skin rash, it is important not to itch, no matter how much it feels like you need to do so, as more skin irritation can occur.

Unfortunately, those individuals who suffer from pet allergies are also likely to suffer from asthma as well. The two combined can lead to painful and irritating symptoms, which tend to include lung congestion, shortness of breath, and wheezing. If you are unable to use medication to seek relief right away, medial attention may be needed.

As it was previously stated, some of the symptoms that many suffering from pet allergies experience can be attributed to other complications. The good news is that it can be relatively easy for you to tell. For example, most individuals experience problems and see the above mentioned symptoms displayed within minutes of coming into contact with a pet. This is a good way to tell if you are suffering from a pet allergy, not another allergy or even a common cold.

As for what causes these symptoms, most individuals are allergic to animal danger, which is the skin that an animal flakes and sheds. With that said, some do experience problems with animal urine, pet hair, and saliva. A doctor or a few experiments performed safely at home can give you a better idea as to what from a pet is causing you to have an allergic reaction.

Speaking of which, it was previously stated, that some individuals have problems with pet hair. That is why many pet owners take steps to make sure their pet’s hair is short. Of course, there is usually no harm that comes from doing so, but many individuals still do not see the relief that they had hoped for. This is because, as previously stated, most are allergic to pet dander, which is the pets flaky skin, not the hair.

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31 May

Types of Baby Strollers

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As you know there is a wide variety of baby strollers available to choose from. Your choice of strollers will be affected by how many children you plan to use it for, how you are going to use the stroller and where, and finally your budget. All things aside your baby’s comfort and safety will also influence your choice. Let’s take a look at some of the types of strollers available to you.

The standard stroller will fit one child and there are many different features on standard strollers such as play trays, parent trays, fabrics, and handlebars. On many strollers handlebars are now height adjustable which is great back saver.

Double strollers have two seats. There is a variety of seating arrangements for double strollers. The traditional double seat is one behind the other – tandem style. Tandem seating has the first child with a good view and he one in the rear seat sees the back of the other’s head. A variant of the tandem seating is stadium seating. Think of bleachers where each seat is raised slightly above the one in front of it allowing those in the rear to see what’s going on. There is side by side seating as well as face to face seating.

Jogging strollers are very popular because they enable you to bring your child along on a run. The jogging stroller has a triangular wheel base with two large wheels in the rear and one wheel in the front. They have many attractive features. An added safety feature is a wrist strap on the handle bar. This is worn so that when you stop, the stroller doesn’t roll away from you. As always whenever you stop your stroller the break should always be applied. The wrist strap is added protection. Jogging strollers are available for multiple seating as well.

Triple strollers are terrific for triplets or three children. Seating arrangements can be side by side but most have tandem seating or stadium seating. When the stroller is full of kids and you are pushing it will help you achieve your goals of fitness.

Convertible multiple strollers are available where they can be made into double seater’s with additional seats and a transverse bar. You might want to check if this option is available for the particular stroller you are considering.

Umbrella strollers are very inexpensive. They are generally easier to fold and unfold. They are very lightweight and store easily in a car trunk. They are terrific for short trips to the Mall or short walks. They do not work well on all terrain. They do come in multiple seating as well. The only drawback I had with umbrella strollers is that if anything was hung on the handle it caused the carriage to tip backwards.

Light weight strollers are slightly heavier than the umbrella strollers and slightly less than the standard stroller. They typically fold in a single hand motion. They also resemble the standard type stroller. They also come in multiple seating.

Carriage Strollers are convertible strollers in that you can change them from a carriage (a bed on wheels) to a stroller. This is great for infants that are unable to sit up yet. The handle is reversible so you can turn it into a stroller which is great for children who are sitting up.

Bike strollers or trailers are installed by attaching it to the rear wheel. There are two seated models available. They can be converted from a trailer to a stroller with no tools. The restraint system is a five-point harness for each child.

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