Here at we subscribe to the belief that we can all do our part to help further the life of our planet not only for us but all future generations. This site was created with hopes of providing a base for which all ideas pertaining to becoming more earth friendly no matter how big or small, whether for home, for work or for recreation can be shared so that we can all benefit. Sign up today, LETS GET GREEN!!!
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The speculation about warmth in ties grew last weekend, when Mr Rao met Mr Modi in Delhi. The stated explanation was that the discussion revolved around official projects and central assistance for the state. But informed observers pointed out that many items on the official agenda had already been discussed between the central and state governments.

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Not if history has anything to say about it. Toothpaste might actually predate the toothbrush. While there’s evidence ancient Egyptians were using toothbrushes as far back as 3500 BCE, recipes for tooth powder have been found that date back to 5000 BCE.

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The councillors are calling for three things. They want the city to officially commit itself to protect the park from commercial projects that don cater to those already using the park. They want the mayor to send a letter to the Provincial Capital Commission stating the city opposition to further development.

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