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19 Apr

Cane Furniture

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cane furniture

Whether added to enhance the “green” feeling of a home or preexisting in a more traditional house, a conservatory is a wonderful way to enjoy nature through most of the year. It’s also an excellent spot for entertaining, summer meals and enjoying warm summer evenings. Because of the many appealing reasons to use it often, it’s important to select conservatory furniture that will complement and enhance the atmosphere.

Cane furniture, commonly referred to as wicker, is the perfect accent for a conservatory for many reasons. First and foremost, uncolored cane furniture offers a lustrous, natural hue that enhances the beauty of a natural surrounding. Natural wicker is a favorite for outdoor seating areas, or for interior rooms that want to bring an element of nature indoors.

While hardwoods such as teak or oak may seem to overpower a natural area, cane furniture made from bamboo or rattan will offer an extremely earthy look that will increase the beauty of the conservatory rather than competing with it. Not only will it look as if it simply belongs, the woven pattern provides a light, airy look that will not weigh down a conservatory’s seating area.

The woven pattern of wicker will also allow it to blend in to its surroundings. Where solid counterparts may take up entire spaces and block out the view of everything behind it, wicker will allow glimpses of the scenes around it. Because of this, it allows the area to flow freely, without interruption, and enhances the serene quality of a conservatory.

Because cane furniture is a traditional style, and a conservatory is a traditional room, it’s important to not overlook the impact the two items will have on each other. A conservatory would not be well served by modern, metallic furniture, and, while traditional, wrought iron would look too heavy, clunky and cold to properly stimulate the earthy qualities of a conservatory. Contemporary wicker, however, can offer just the right blend of traditional and modern while still allowing the natural surroundings to take center stage.

When purchasing cane furniture, it is extremely important to carefully select the material. Some modern wicker is made of high grade plastic. This should generally be avoided for a natural setting such as a conservatory, as the imitation of bamboo or rattan can never live up to the original. Even extremely close matches will always be obviously artificial.

Natural cane furniture, while more expensive than artificial, is the perfect choice for conservatories. Its durability, quality and natural beauty will enhance the organic beauty of the room for years to come. When paired with bright colored cushions, it can become an exotic, comfortable seating area to enjoy year round for any occasion from breakfast to a formal gathering.

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Hashim Posted on April 20, 2009 at 2:34 am

These furnitures look really nice.

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