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19 Apr

Green Clothing

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Those who most want to go green with their clothing often find that it costs too much for their budget. While green clothing might be beautiful and good for the environment, it also needs to be good for our pockets. However, we need to look at how we wear clothing. While a cheap shirt might seem to cost less, if it looks like a rag within a year it will have to be thrown out. But if we buy something that costs more and find it stays looking good for years we’ll get so much more wear out of it that it will end up being cheaper in the long run.

However if you stop to think about it, the clothing you already have is green clothing, whether it has a tag to say so or not. Your present clothing will not cost the environment any more than it already has. All you need to do is care for it in a ‘green’ manner. Using green laundry products and washing in cold water are ways to go green. Fabric washed in cold water saves the environment in two ways because it often doesn’t need ironing. Clothing bought at the op-shop or swapped with friends can also be considered ‘green’.

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