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19 Apr

Vegetable Gardening For Dummies!

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In recent years,vegetable gardening has started to gain steam as the home hobby of choice for most people. And believe it or not, most people want to, but believe that they cannot participate in this amazingly satisfying hobby because they THINK that they don’t know anything about gardening. Or because they belive that they do not have the space required for it. Gardening is easier than you think, and if you are one these people that are still on the fence, let me give you a couple of reasons to change your mind and come on over to the GREEN side.

The reasons to begin a vegetable garden are varied. Some people begin a vegetable garden because they are tired of hearing about all of the government recalls on various veggies that they can grow themselves. Some people have started a vegetable garden quite simply, to save money. This is one of the most popular reasons. With a vegetable garden as part of your house, the average family of four can save an untold amount of money.

These are just a few of the reasons that most people turn to gardening. But if you don’t think that you can’t do it because you don’t have the time OR you don’t know anything about it, then let me enlighten you. Vegetable gardening is one of those hobbies that you can go into with both feet because of the wealth of information on the subject. You have literally hundreds of books written by various authors, giving great advice. Not to mention the abundance of information on the subject thats on the internet. So you are never in over your head. That would be the last thing that you have to worry about.

But before you embark on this adventure, there are some questions that you need to ask yourself:

1. What do you want to grow? This depends on where you live. Of course with colder climates your ability for much success at outdoor gardening will be limited. But this is something that must be addressed BEFORE you begin.

2. How much do you want to grow? Are you planting for yourself or for a family of four? These questions are vital because it brings issues pertaining to space and availabilty into the light. If you are planting for yourself then you obviously don’t need that much space, but for a family of four, there will be a considerable amount of space that will be needed. Which brings us to our last question.

3. How much space do you have? There is no reason th at you cannot have and grow the vegetables that you want, but if you live in a apartment, then you will have spacial constraints. But you will still be able to produce. Gone are the days where only those farmers with acres and acres of land are the only ones capable of having a vegetable garden. With the advances in technology and our generations idea of ” doing more with less” attitude, everyone can have a garden. Whether it be in their backyard or in a container in their windowsill!

Vegetable gardening, once learned will be one of the most satisfying adventures that you have ever participated in. Not only will you be able to save yourself or your family some money, but you will also be able to provide your family OR yourself with some of the freshest and most naturally nutritious foods on the planet. You will not have to worry about where these foods came from, because you grew them! You no longer have to worry if this food or that food is about to be recalled, because you grew them! And there is nothing more satisfying and enjoyable than knowing that you are feeding your family the best quality foods on the planet.

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